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Prefetch links to store in memory. multiple ways

In modern browsers it is possible to preload pages from a website. this means when a user clicks on that link. the page is already preloaded in the browser. this elliminates the initial time to connect to the server. and the result is a lightning fast page load.

I have found 3 examples of the

Instant page and instant click both uses the hover of the mouse to trigger the page load. where getquick/quicklink prelaods what is in viewport. they are also made by the same developer. and is the latest development. but has some advantages, such as selecting when the prefetch should occur.

The downside to getquick/quicklink is that it can put a heavy load on the server. because it loads every single link being viewed (it can be throttled and configured to ignore or only include certain pages)

But the downside to the two who relies on hover. can be ineffective. because the time it takes from hovering over a link ultil you push it. can be shorter than the time it takes to reach the page fro prefetching. thus rendering the whole preload ineffective. and you only have limited options for configuration. if any at all.

there are some tests you can try out on the webpages. and you can read more about the theory and why.

Installation is as simple as inserting a few lines of code at the bottom of your pages.

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