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How to optimize opencart performance

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In this post we will show you how to easily get the maximum performance out of your opencart webshop with just 2 extensions and a little guided work yourself. You just need 2 extensions. Extension 1. With this…

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Why perfect website performance is so important

With mobile Internet usage expected to take over desktop usage, it’s never been as important as it is right now to fix your site speed. Internet users are less tolerant of slow websites than they’ve ever been, and…

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Enable cache in opencart

You have 4 caching method options available in stock opencart. File cache is the default and it dos not accelerate the system. then there are apc and memcached. where memcached generally is the method that has the largest…

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What is a CDN service

Explanation Technology What are the benefits of a CDN service CDN service examples

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Javascript and Stylesheet performance optimizer and CDN for Opencart

We have built a new module for opencart that wil boost the performance for the scripts on your opencart webshop. The script is seperated into two main functions. the stock scripts and stylesheets are combined and loaded from…

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The power of Cloudinary and Akamai

So. Cloudinary as such is a image processing service. and it does this service to perfection, with a great number of options to enhance, improve or manipulate images. Most options are on the fly. with url or API…

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