Javascript and Stylesheet performance optimizer and CDN for Opencart

We have built a new module for opencart that wil boost the performance for the scripts on your opencart webshop.

The script is seperated into two main functions.

  1. the stock scripts and stylesheets are combined and loaded from jsdelivr in just 2 calls. one request for javascripts and one request for stylesheets
  2. if you install any addons that comes with its own stylesheets or javascript files. they are loaded seperatly via akamai network. Please note that this feature requires the “Opencart Cloudinary image CDN pro” module

it is very easy to set up as you only have to install the module. you dont have to upload any files or do any other manual work in order to utilize the powerful networks from and

and as a bonus this module moves all the javascript inline scripts and external files to the bottom of the page.

This allows for the webpage to load fast and be visible to the customer faster. and not forcing the customer to wait for the javascript to load.

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