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The Power of CloudImage: More Than Just Images


Images are an essential part of any website, and they play a crucial role in making your content visually appealing and engaging. However, they also come with their own set of challenges, such as slow load times, large…

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What is a CDN service

What Is Content Delivery Network

At our company, we believe that CDN (Content Delivery Network) services are essential for online businesses. We understand that many website owners may not fully understand what a CDN service is or how it can benefit their website,…

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Javascript and Stylesheet performance optimizer and CDN for Opencart

Map 1

We have built a new module for opencart that wil boost the performance for the scripts on your opencart webshop. The script is seperated into two main functions. the stock scripts and stylesheets are combined and loaded from…

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The power of Cloudinary and Akamai

Blog Multi Cdn Demo

So. Cloudinary as such is a image processing service. and it does this service to perfection, with a great number of options to enhance, improve or manipulate images. Most options are on the fly. with url or API…

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Opencart Cloudinary image CDN


This module uses the service from Cloudinary.com to serve your image via their CDN servers. The service is free, and the limits are more than enough for a quiet large amount of images and traffic. The benefits of…

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Opencart Cloudinary setup guide

Step Cover

Follow these simple steps to set up the module Go to Cloudinary website at https://cloudinary.com the “Assigned cloud name:” is what you need to type into the “cloudname” field above Please Note that you can select a name…

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