Opencart Cloudinary setup guide

Follow these simple steps to set up the module

Go to Cloudinary website at
the “Assigned cloud name:” is what you need to type into the “cloudname” field above
Please Note that you can select a name that fits your store. and it will be part of the image URL
You will be able to find this name later on also. it is located on the dashboard

You can always find the cloud name on the dashboard

When logged into cloudinary service on the top right there is a sprocket where you enter the settings.
On the settings page you find the upload tab. here you find a link saying “Add another mapping” Fill out the fields with the desired mapping mane. and the url of you store.
The Folder name has to correspond with the second field on this page. with the label Folder

You are done.
Save this page, and go to your store where you will be able to see the changes top the image urls via the browsers inspect element feature. or corresponding feature depending on which browser you are using.

Url before changes

Url after changes

You will also be able to see the images in cloudinary image library

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