Opencart Cloudinary image CDN

Opencart Cloudinary image CDN

This module uses the service from to serve your image via their CDN servers.

The service is free, and the limits are more than enough for a quiet large amount of images and traffic.

The benefits of a CDN are huge, in almost all regards. and there are no downsides

With the free Cloudinary plan you get 25 credits each month
and 1 Credit = 1,000 Transformations OR 1GB storage OR 1GB Bandwidth.

Opencart Cloudinary image CDN

The credits can be increased by a number of actions, like sharing, following and so forth.
Opencart Cloudinary image CDN

You only transform the images once. So lets say you have 1,000 images. that leaves you with 24 Credits, to distribute over bandwidth and storage.

this potentially gives you a limit of 12GB of storage and 12GB of bandwidth EACH MONTH

If this is not enough. you are able to pay for more credits. as an example. 225Credits costs 99$ a month

Cloudinary has optimized their service around images. so you are not just able to use the CDN capabilities. but also a number of image manipulation options.

The advantages of using this module

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Opencart Cloudinary image CDN

If you want to know more about CDN, you can read about it here
Opencart Cloudinary image CDN

You can buy the module from the official opencart marketplace in the link above

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