How to get perfect performance score for opencart webshop

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You just need two simple opencart extension to achieve a perfect performance score. Optimized images and CDN what stock opencart lacks according to are: Optimized images. wich means the stock images are not to scale, and they…

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Improvements with Cloudinary image CDN for opencart (pro version)

New Cloudinary Logo Square

The top link to GTmetrix is with the module active. The entire page size is reduces with 193kb wich is about 36% reduction of the entire site On top of that. the page is rendered more searchengine friendly…

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Opencart Cloudinary image CDN


This module uses the service from to serve your image via their CDN servers. The service is free, and the limits are more than enough for a quiet large amount of images and traffic. The benefits of…

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Opencart Cloudinary setup guide

Step Cover

Follow these simple steps to set up the module Go to Cloudinary website at the “Assigned cloud name:” is what you need to type into the “cloudname” field above Please Note that you can select a name…

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New CDN module on the way

Cloudinary Oc Akamai

We are working hard on a CDN module the utilizes the cloudinary options with Akamai CDN service. you can even use this service for free. but with limits You get the image processing power from cloudinary. and you…

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